The 4 Pillars of Muscle Growth you need to know

Morning everyone, today’s video is a
little bit more different than usual, instead of doing the five, five benefits
of intermittent fasting series, which you should check out later after this video,
we’re going to break it up a little bit and upload that video later in the week. So have more times to make better
animations improve the quality of that video, and also get you a cool the four
pillars of muscle growth video out today. So the four pillars of muscle growth as
a concept where they’re kind of like a triangle, or in this case, it’s a square
of the four things you need to focus on when you’re trying to
build muscle in the gym. And before you do that, join me right now
And like and comment below, while saying AwakendGainz and there’s going to be more
than four things because building muscle is like walking. It’s there’s so many different
omponents applied to it. I mean, you could have a whole video on
vitamin supplements or whatever whatever. This is going to be the four things that
you can control the most and what you need to focus on and prioritize in your
training to help you build muscle. First one is the amount of effort you put
in and the amount of actual reward you get out of it. So this one might sound
like Oh, you got a point. hours in the gym, you know, three hours
a day to working out to build the biggest biceps you can. But I’m going to kind of dismiss that
a little bit and say why would you even really want to do that? The first pillar is training and the
effort you put in relation to what you get. This can be interpreted several different
ways but one can be from your training plan in general and your program. The first model I like to really
focus my stuff on is 80 / 20. What’s the thing that I can do right now
is going to give me 80% of the benefit with 20% of the effort. I start a workout with those exercises,
usually the compound lifts or whatever I’m trying to focus on
whatever my new plan is. I love starting my workout with squats,
squats, do with my legs, my back, my core, my body, everything it’s
great cardio component. I start with squats at 20 right
20 I can do squats all day. It usually takes me like 15 minutes though
to do effective squat session and 15 minutes gone. It’s quarter my workout but
I’ve dealt with my legs. I’ve dealt my back pocket
with everything else. And I usually have fun when I’m squatting
too so it gives me a little energy is also called a min max printing. You don’t want to do my goal is to have
an authentic body at 185 pounds of body weight and be able to play football. Well, why are you doing curls
for 20 minutes to failure? Every time you do a workout, when you only
have 40 minutes left in the gym and you haven’t done cardio you haven’t done any
type of clean and jerks principle is what we need to do right now to get
the most effective workout in. And where can I cut the fat essentially,
in my time to myself, because the longer you spend in the gym, honestly,
the least amount of gains you get. If you go for a two hour gym session, and
you’re not a professional athlete, and you don’t have a college tuition on the line. Just don’t do it. You don’t need to do all that there’s a
lot you can get done in one hour if you sit down focus and get it done, but also
are the lifts, you’re actually doing the most effective for you. So this 8020 principle can be
applied to a lot of things. Is the front squat more important
than you’d in the back squat? If so, why are you doing the back squat? Are you not effectively loading
your quads when you’re squatting? If so, try a high bar squat. Instead of low bar squat. Is your bench press not improving? Well, maybe you actually need to try close
grip bench press for a while to build up your other muscles. Or here’s a big one, let’s
say why are you dead lifting? When you’re a football player
in your prime for college? Why don’t you actually just do a bunch of
clean and jerks you practice you enhance your vertical force production, and you
reduce the amount of negative effects that can happen to you in the
wear and tear in your body. You know, min max, why are you doing it? What’s the most effective and
what else I could be doing? Instead of that to get a better
workout or all kinds of asked? These are all kinds of questions you to
ask yourself and explore and actually look back your training. I’ve had moments where, man I’m working
out and all of a sudden I go What else can I do like these, the only lifts that I can
do that I think that are most effective. You know, and that’s not it. There’s things you can do that you
just haven’t thought about yet. I mean, ring dips are awesome when
you go to the gym and do them. I mean, I don’t think that but now I make
them a main tricep exercise and main trap exercise because they’re also fun too. And you know, they
helped me when im Boxing. So it’s a lot of fun to be had I have two
min max, I have to examine what I’m doing and ask, am I supposed to be doing that? Why am I doing it I’ve removed a lot of
accessory lyst because really not helping me and they’re wasting
my time and burning. My second one is your
existing lift efficacy. So the ability of your body to lift a
weight effectively is going to determine how actually quick you’re going
to build strength or muscle. Usually, when you’re learning a lift
early, you put a lot of neural connections and a lot of technique, your range
of motions increases, you can more effectively load your muscles. It’s all just a learning thing. And usually that applies
to a lot of games quickly. But they’re not necessarily muscle mass
games, the might get a better pump from here, there. But those lists aren’t building the muscle
you need because they’re not they don’t have enough time to get past those new
games where your body can go, hey, that’s a new stimulus. That’s new stress being placed
on you need to repair and build. So what I can honestly recommend is if
you want to, let’s say switch your trailer Yep, a little bit have a secondary lift
that you want to incorporate as a main lift . During your training session,
having a like an off day you do a couple reps here, there are like your fourth day
in your training cycle, you do that type of exercise instead of your main one just
to help you grease the groove and build a neural connection now. And then when you’re training
changes, switch to that exercise. Now you can effectively build muscle on it
because you don’t have so many neural you don’t have so many new gains on it,
you can effectively prolong stimulus on yourself. So kind of cycle between those two, you
know, put it in the training cycle on like an off day and then when you want
to switch to it switch to it. So you get past those strength gains,
and you can build honestly muscle gains. third pillar is your current ability to
recover and the durability you can take in your training sessions. A lot of people cannot take a lot of
volume and that’s okay, that’s your body, focus more on lifts that you can do a lot
of lifts that you brought more optimized for you. But when it comes to your recovery,
you need to know what that limit is. Often I can work out let’s
say and I hour and 15 minutes. And at that point, any more training
unless it’s like, you know, some AB work, it’s not going to be effective for me,
it’s just going to take too much effort, because I’m not going to be I’m not going
to be into it enough and I can have a tendency towards it. I know that I can take a squat session,
bent over row session and bench press sessions and dips and chin ups. And then after that, it kind of gets a
little, you know, run down, I’m starting to lose my energy on a compound lift. I know that I can’t take
a lot more after that. So I like to do boxing and just get out
whatever I can in like five minutes, do some cardio, and maybe
some ropes and I’m done. But I know I can do that about
three to four times a week. fourth time though, it can’t do a lot. It’s got to be lower volume stuff. It’s got to be more technique stuff. I know that’s my recovery in a week. You need to find what your recovery is
because if you go past your recovery, you try to yellow it into a shit ton of
volume and you’re not used to it. You’re going to damage your ability to
recover you can affect your immune system, you’re going to affect your health, your
cognitive health, your hormones, your resting blood glucose, fine optimal limit
where you can recover and your workouts go by seamlessly you have good amount of
energy, because that’s going to decide if you’re in a peak
situation to build muscle. If you are overstressed by doing too
much working out too much workout volume, you’re not going to build muscle because
your body has to deal with those damages. Now you’ve placed on you that were
unnecessary and the fourth pillar is your existing muscle mass. This one’s like a to quote grow your
existing muscle mass dependent how much more you can grow. It really depends also on
your frame and your genetics. A lot of people are learning how much
muscle they can grow and certain aspects if you don’t have a wide shoulder frame. You can’t build large dealts because the
room isn’t there but you can build them large towards your body. A lot of this gets you know marked up
because people look at bodybuilders or professional athletes and go
I want to have a 21 inch arms. I don’t think I can build 21 inch arms I
think maybe I can get to like 18 inches but then do I want to get there really is
that the benefit of me that wouldn’t want to do well if I want to do clean and jerks
I can’t really get to you know 20 inch arms because Then I can effectively clean
and jerk right so in other pens but your existing muscle mass and how much more
you can grow, focus on areas that you can continually improve in or areas that if
you know that you’re already have a large muscle mass there, you’re gonna have to
put in a lot more volume to put a lot more work in to build that stimulus. But remember make it
effective, make it unique. We’re going to cognitive stress
and break fitness limits. I hope you had a great day. Look to the four pillars of muscle mass,
which were your existing muscle math, your current lifting efficacy, your current
capacity to recover and the amount of effort you put in and how much min
max and you are in that effort. So have a great day to follow me now
and smash that like been AwakendGainz. Transcribed by https: //

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