Thanks, Team Beachbody & Carl Daikeler!

Hey guys, quick video to show off my brand new toy. This is my new Felt B2 triathlon/time trial
bike. Full carbon frame; the race components top to bottom. FSA gossamer crank and these really nice aero-wheels
which came stock on the bike and one of the reasons that I really like this setup
was that at the price point it probably had the best wheels. So, here’s the bike. Now, this bike itself is just an end and so
what I really wanna talk about in this video is the means to this end and means for me was Team Beachbody. As a lot of you know I am practicing attorney,
it’s a time consuming job, it’s very rewarding job, both financially
and mentally I guess. But Team Beachbody is something that I do
on the side, and it has been a lot of fun, and it has also been very rewarding, both
financially and physically. It’s given me a great…
probably the greatest excuse to get in shape that I’ve ever had in my entire life. And it’s also given me an opportunity to help
a lot of people, a team and fitness schools which is something
I really enjoy. On the side, it’s given me enough money to buy this little toy of mine which I just got back from a about 37 mile ride on, and have to say is a whole lotta fun. So, just wanted to do a quick video to talk about the Team Beachbody opportunity, how great it has been for us; the fruits of
our labor I suppose or my labor anyway, and just especially thank Carl Daikeler, Jon Congdon and my man Tony Horton for making these incredible videos, putting together this incredible opportunity and welcoming us to be a
part of it from the beginning and it’s something that we’ve really enjoyed and continue to enjoy and look so forward to the future, that it’s hard to even put into words. So, thanks guys, wish me luck, 8 days til the San Diego International triathlon. I’ve got my bike split being a lot faster


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