Thailand Phuket Day 3: Beaches in Phuket, Karon Beach, Kata Noi Beach, Patong Beach | Hindi

Hey, Friends Today vlog day 3 of Phuket, Thailand we will show you nearby beaches of Patonag, Phuket Such as Kata Noi, Karon Beach let’s go to Kata Noi Beach we show you the way of kata noi beach Roads, other views Awesome views after seeing these views you should say “wow” amazing views in the way of kata Noi beach when we are going to kata noi beach then in between you will be seeing karon beach which we will show activities on the beach after the Kata Noi Beach Karon Beach is too long if you missed Day 1 and day 2 video of Phuket then you will click on i button to watch these videos You can see lots of fun-loving activities here Lots of tourists come here which are Chinese, Japanese, Russian Most of the people from Aisa you can meet you can see lots of things to show thailand culture you can see lots of tourists if you look at Goa (India) lots of Russians go there or Aisa some countries but Here in Thailand, you can see Chinese, Japanese you can find lots of Tourists here you can find Fitness equipment for public health on beaches for exercise, You can see This is an awesome facility in Thaliand This should be in India also. Now we are going towards to Kata Noi beach when you will going to Kata Noi this will be inside the city kata Noi beach road is very small, You can’t find easily Kata Noi Beach way is too small Kata Noi Beach does not show form outside the city This is the kata Noi Beach Look at the water, This so crystal and clear blue water like as Maldevs here the sand is white Lots of hotels you can here these hotels are see facing These are too costly you can see the amazing sea view from these hotels this beach look like a private beach enjoying some fun moments Awesome experience this is underwater swimming this is an awesome experience during underwater amazing experience friends underwater experience is awesome Now, we reached to Karon beach which is earlier to kata Noi beach 1 km earlier this is an evening view of Karon beach in evening it looks awesome you feel that, this moment will stop here we can enjoy this view always Sunset views always awesome Some Fun-loving activities you can enjoy here Now, we reached to Patong beach at evening if you want to see Patong at afternoon than you can watch our 2nd day video but Now evening time for Patong Patong beach is too dirty with wet grass this wet grass came with water to the beach you can enjoy sports activities on Patong you can find sport activity on Phuket’s every beach paragliding, jetski lots of other sport activities you can find lots of Indians here you can see lots of cruises you can see jetski which cost 1500 bhat for 1 person for 30 mins 2 person 1000 bhat for each after negotiation, you can find 1000 bhat or 800 bhat per person some evening moments you will never miss these evening moments on beach you can join us on Instagram or Facebook page to see amazing pics there @SachinGillOfficial never miss an update, Please join us please like the video in Next video, Day 4, We will show you the bangle road Activities on Bangla road Shopping and more on the next videos please subscribe the channel


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