Thai Yoga Massage : Thai Yoga Massage: Cow Face 2

Coming in to the Cow Face 2, I’m going to
slowly lift up. I’m going to pull her arm up. As I come into a Warrior Stance, open
up her shoulder through the nice helicopter rounds and then release, bring the hand down
behind the back. And we’re going to bring you to CIA lock. So my knee is going to be
right into her palm, take my left hand into, on her left shoulder and place my right thumb
underneath the scapula. Now what you want to start doing is as you press the thumb underneath
the scapula, you’re rolling that left shoulder back. Lower the thumb a little bit and again,
roll the shoulder back as you press the thumb in underneath the scapula. And keep moving
up and down, till you feel a little bit of the opening. Perfect. Coming up. Make sure
you do this with lots of meta, loving kindness, listen to your client’s body, it will talk
to you and tell you what it needs. Very nice. Release the arm down. Cow Face 2.

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