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Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Green Curry! Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Green Curry! Wah, hungry sia. Eh, what are you watching? I’m watching this pad thai, tom yum, green curry. Wah, I’m craving for Thai food. I know just the place, let’s go! Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs, I’m Chiara, I’m Zavier, and today, we’re at Tuk Wan Kitchen and we’re going to eat a Thai buffet. Thai buffet? Yeah, there are over 100 dishes to choose from okay? So let’s go Thailand without going Thailand. Let’s go Ok, we’re now here at Tuk Wan Kitchen, and they have a long-ass menu with over hundred items. And I can’t wait to try all of them! All the food is here now, I can’t wait, they all smell so good. Yea, it looks crazy. A little bird told me that the chefs here, they’re all Thai, and their cooking experience is like over 30 years. So when you order then they’ll cook for you, it’s not like a buffet spread where you grab and grab something that has been cooked before. So they smell authentic, and they look authentic, let’s try if they taste authentic. Okay, let’s try the pad thai first. The colour looks a bit like char kway teow. You’re right, you’re right. It’s really very flavourful. The taste is there. It’s not too salty. I like the texture of the noodles though, it’s not too soggy. There is the chewiness. So I really like these pad thai, there is a lot of ingredients. I would definitely eat this. There’s squid, there’s prawns and egg. Lots of bean sprouts. I feel like, if you like your food sweet right, this is the dish to order. You won’t go wrong. So pad thai, and then Tom yum! The smell of the ‘cang mao’ is damn strong. What is cang mao? Lemongrass. You know, every time you go to the Thai massage, you smell this, this is it. First look at it, I’m quite impressed, because they have more that one type of mushroom. So they have rice straw mushrooms, they have shimeji mushrooms. Lot’s of prawns. You can definitely taste the lemongrass in here, and it’s not too spicy. So it’s suitable for me, because I can’t take super spicy food. But you can taste the sourness and the lemongrass. So I really like this kind of tom yum. Pad thai, tom yum, green curry! So I heard from Zavier that he hasn’t eaten much green curry in the 25 years of his life. This is your number what green curry? This is the second bowl of green curry in my life. But I’ve got to say you know, when I first tried green curry right, I was blown away. I didn’t know green curry tasted like that, and it’s so good! I don’t know about the other green curry you tried, but I feel like the green curry here is thicker than the usual consistency. Yea, actually the last time that I ate green curry right, it’s more watery. I mean from the colour you can tell that they probably added a lot of coconut milk. Do you like coconut milk? Ya, I love coconut milk, I love it with my bread. Eh, not bread. Bread!? I wanted to say something, but I’m lost. Oh, no. Coffee jelly. Coffee jelly? Ya! Damn, you are high-class, no wonder you don’t eat green curry, you eat coffee jelly. I think they did not just add coconut milk, I can taste like the coconut shreds. So it’s really real ingredients okay? Let’s try the chicken. Very tender, definitely not breast meat. One bad thing for me, about the green curry is that it’s a bit salty. So I think like what you said, using it as a gravy instead of a soup would be a better idea. Now that we have tackled your cravings, let’s go for the more premium stuff. We are going to try the Steamed Seabass Thai Green Lime. And this fish is so big, that it’s already worth your money. On the a la carte menu, it’s like 22+? The fish is actually covered in a green paste. Are you okay my friend? I was like trying to enjoy the broth, then I got a choke. is it spicy? It’s not very spicy. It’s not very spicy, but it’s very sour. The broth is very light on its own actually, not too heavy. Wah. Wah, I love it. I’d rather drink this than the tom yum actually. I don’t think it has MSG, I won’t feel thirsty, or the siap siap feel. So this fish doesn’t have that muddy taste. As if it was just caught from the sea. So I think it’s really very fresh. I can imagine Suphon attacking this fish, because he’s like a fish lover. More seafood. What we are trying is the Thai Style Prawn Glass Noodles. Hey, not bad. They gave a lot of prawns. You can see they are very huge and meaty. It’s not like powdery, because you know, when it’s frozen or old, it’s powdery. This is sweet and crunchy. I think the first thing about this tang hoon, there’s this herby taste to it. The part that I tried just now is a bit more wet, there’s more sauce. And it soaked up all the taste, from the prawn and whatever sauce and broth that they put in. All the taste, packed together into one mouthful. So it’s damn shiok. I really didn’t expect that, this is really very special. Now that we’ve finished the high-ses dishes, we are going for the chef’s recommendations, which are the Radish Omelette, as well as the Signature Pork Skewers. I’m not a big fan of this omelette, I mean, it’s more to the Singapore style, it feels really homemade, instead of the Thai omelette style, which is really crispy, really fluffy. I think this is a bit too salty for my liking. But I can see that if you’re into more flavourful stuff, this will be okay for you. I love it. Nice right? Very flavourful. It’s like pork jerky on steroids. So this pork skewer right, it’s a bit different from the one I tried in Bangkok. It’s more like a lump of minced meat, packed together. So that is a bit more juicy. Nonetheless, it’s still very flavourful. I think that’s the most important part. So let’s try the other dishes that are still popular, but are more of like sides or appetisers. Actually I think pork belly is perfect for us to try. Huh why? Both of us right, we really love 88 Roasted. Oh yea! We need to give a pork cheers. 1, 2, 3! So porky buddy, what do you think of the pork. I’m a little bit disappointed, and I think I just prefer sio bak Because it’s a little bit more salty. I think this is more for the texture. It’s like juicy from the fats and chewy, and a little tough on the meat side. And crispy on the skin. Flavour-wise, it’s missing the roast pork kind of saltiness. Let’s try the papaya salad. The first thing that I taste for this is that it’s a bit too fishy. So maybe it’s from the shrimp or from the fish sauce. I think that it’s lacking a bit of sourness as well. It’s not very spicy also. It’s just very fishy. I think with a bit more lime and peanuts, I feel like, it will be a better salad. Those like, peanut flakes you know. What’s interesting about this buffet is that they also offer boat noodles. Free flow! Normally I pay like 1 or 2 dollars per bowl, so now if I eat 28 bowls right, that means I already cover my buffet price. I really like the tom yum one, because it’s sour. And I feel like all their sour dishes so far, really hit the spot. Whereas for mine, I think it’s a little too thick, too herby for my liking. Yea, so it’s not like your usual Thai boat noodles. It’s thicker and more flavourful. It might be too much for some. I cannot choose! Mine would be the Seabass Thai Green Lime. Because it’s so sour, yet so fresh and light tasting. I don’t know how that’s possible. And second one would be, Tom Yum. It’s the same thing, it’s just sour and good. The tom yum is really strong. And very nice. For me, my favourite would be Thai Style Prawn With Glass Noodles. Because it’s damn herby, and the prawns are very fresh. So that is damn satisfying. If you’re wondering how to get the full Chatuchak or BKK experience, you can also get free-flow Thai Green Tea and Thai Milk Tea, with the addition of $3.50. Free-flow, $3.50! One cup is already normally $3.50. So Zavier, this buffet set us back $28.80+ each, Do you think it’s worth it? or like? I think it’s worth it to come back here, even though both of us stay in the west, I’m going to come back here for the food, because it’s so authentic. There’s nowhere else where you can try so many dishes, at such low prices. I was really impressed by the smell, the sight, the taste, they kind of tick all my boxes right there. So this place is open daily from 12pm to 3pm, and 5pm to 10pm It’s perfect if you’re nearby, you can come during the lunch hour. Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Vlogs, if you like this video, you can watch more over there! And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Bye!


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