THAI AIRWAYS – BUSINESS CLASS no 747-400, de Phuket a Bangkok – FLASHBACK!

Today I’m taking a one-hour
domestic flight on a 747. Phuket-Bangkok with
Thai Airways, there we go! Ready to fly Royal Silk, the business class
of Thai Airways, Thailand’s main airline, known for its amazing fleet
of widebodies, large planes such as this 747-400
that will take me to Bangkok. Let me hurry because there’s
a crowd waiting to board the 747 and I want to be the
first one to get on board. – Upstairs… – Upstairs, ok,
thank you. Climbing the jumbo stairs,
for me, is always a thrill. This is the business class cabin
on the upper deck, with a 2-2 configuration, offering more privacy
to passengers sitting here. Those who follow the channel know that
I love this side compartment on the 747. It’s perfect for storing
personal items during the flight. – Iced tea, orange juice or just water?
Welcome aboard! – Iced tea, orange juice…
– It’s very nice, I recommend… – It’s 10 AM, I’d better
have an iced tea, right? – Yes, sir. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome! Enjoy! Very good! We’ll be flying soon and I’ll leave you
with the sound of the engines. The fasten seat belt sign is off so I can get up and go to the lavatory to show you an interesting
detail that we can always see on Thai Airways. The Thai crew always fold
napkins into flowers that are used to
decorate the lavatories. I showed you this in another video a
long time ago on a Thai Airways flight. Check that video out and watch a flight attendant
showing in detail how they make this folding. In a few minutes, the flight attendants
are ready to start the service. It’s amazing that even on a
short flight like this, they bring a tablecloth and make
a full meal service. – Here’s your meal.
Enjoy! – Thank you! This is today’s flight menu. And since it’s a very short flight,
coffee is served with the main course. – Would you like a coffee, sir?
– Yes, please! – You didn’t touch your meal… – I was just taking pictures. – I wish flight could be longer… – The flight is only one hour
and five minutes. – It’s very short.
– Yes, sir, very short. – For a 747…
It should be a ten-hour flight. – But I’ve got to go back home… – Sugar?
– Do you have sweetener? – Yes, sir. Enjoy!
– Thank you very much! This is a meringue with fruits. Fish and vegetables. It’ll be my first lunch today,
at 10 AM. But I won’t resist. I’ll have it. It’s really good! Great Lunch is over so let me talk to these two
very nice flight attendants on the upper deck. I’m inside the galley with my
Thai friends, visiting the 747-400 galley. – Hello! – This is a huge galley for
such a short flight. – Really? Oh, I see. – This flight is very short…
– Yes, a domestic one. – This is a luxury. To have a
747 on a domestic flight. – What kind of aircraft
do you use? – In Brazil? A320, B747,
only small aircraft. – Yeah, yeah, small ones… – Congratulations! Very well done!
– Thanks you very much! Now, it’s time to go for
a tour on the plane. – Bye-bye! Going down to the main deck
to find out more about this 747-400. Here’s another business class
section. As you can notice, there are windows
only on the left side. In fact, behind this partition
there’s a galley, which is so long that you could even exercise there. – You can go jogging…
– Yeah, I do it all the time! This kind of configuration in some
airlines’ 747 is known as longitudinal galley. And look how interesting it is. In addition to the huge space, you may enter
from the back and return to the cabin through this way. I’m in the jumbo’s nose
where first class is. Although these are first class seats,
on this flight, this section is used as business class. As Thai doesn’t sell first class tickets
on this route, passengers flying business may also
choose any of these seats. You know what else? Starting at approximately 200 USD you
can buy a business class ticket on this route. Nice tip, huh? Well, I chose to fly in the upper deck
and that’s where I’m heading! Let’s check the seat. This is the full reclining position
and as you can see it’s not a flatbed. Let me try the sleep position. Ready for landing at Suvarnabhumi
International Airport in Bangkok. I think that when the 747 stops flying
I’m gonna miss it a lot. – Thank you, bye-bye! We arrived in Bangkok and
this is the end of another flight. Give this video a like and
leave your comments. Thanks and see you soon!


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