TESTING: Weight Loss Hacks & Gadgets for 10+ pounds LESS! NataliesOutlet

hello there it’s a brand new year, a brand new you i don’t know about you, but I’m, I’m the same person- still lazy like last year. Today we’re putting to the test really weird weight loss gadgets and hacks that have said “to work”. If you enjoy videos like this give this video a thumbs up. I dare you to. Random comment of the day- What is one food you would not give up? Let me know down below in the comments. For me it is Twizzlers. I know that’s candy but it don’t matter I would never give up Twizlers Let’s get on into this video A very simple hack that I thought was just too good to be true and you could actually just do it in like, ten seconds And you will instantly look better is your posture you see pictures of girls that are like don’t believe everything you see on the internet they show this side of them and then they show this side of them and they’re the same exact girl it’s just the posture whenever, you know, you wanna look a little slimmer, sit upright, stand upright put your shoulders back put your chin up elongate your neck and you’re just gonna look instantly a little bit thinner. So this next weight loss gadget is pretty much a spiralizer so if you want something like spaghetti but you actually wanna make it from something healthy like a vegetable like a cucumber, then you can do that. WHAAAAAT WHAT *upbeat music* so I love this, I don’t really have a sauce for this but look at this it’s literally like spaghetti *moaning because the food is good* warning: this hack might anger some of you because I felt the feels when I heard about this one supposedly wearing a choker as apposed to a long necklace can actually make you look a little thicker. it kinda like, cuts your neck in half in a way that sound very weird A choker just visually isn’t as appealing as a longer necklace just because your neck looks a lot longer a lot more straight like chunkier, but you know what? I will accessorize this fat rolls *DOUBLECHIN* this weight loss gadget is ugly it reminds me of something from the 80’s or 90’s and it’s… this… garbage bag. I remember guys that did wrestling in highschool would always have something like this and they would lose like ten pounds in a day you literally sweat off water weight *giggling* DENNIS: that is so unhealthy for you NATALIE: I know. DENNIS: I am really against that NATALIE: me too Imagine running next to someone in the gym like this *crinkling* so for most of you that don’t know, what this is, it’s basically just a bag that makes you sweat more and overall, it’s very unhealthy and I don’t recommend it it can cause your body’s temperature to kind of build up and it’s really unhealthy and unfashionable come on, let’s go for a fast walk I’m heating up! I’m having a heat flash! The sun is on me! like really, the sun like , I felt like an egg getting fried this hack is probably something you guys already do it’s a really simple fashion hack all you gotta do is wear heels supposedly, when you wear heels you tend to elongate the legs you tend to make your frame look more proportionate and also your posture is better which makes you look a lot better. so this gadget is pretty much a lettuce chopper it grips right here and its supposed to “help” you chop your lettuce and romans an all that stuff a lot quicker so we’re gonna test it out

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