Team Beachbody Review – Is Beachbody A Pyramid Scheme?

how’s it going everybody this is Maureen Team Beachbody Review – Is Beachbody A Pyramid Scheme? malvel here from killeen texas and today i want to give you my honest unbiased Team Beachbody review chances are you’ve been approached online about becoming a member of the team but Team Beachbody community and helping people lose weight or you just want to lose weight for yourself but you’ve come to the Internet preferably YouTube and clicked on my video because you want an honest review or a team beach body and is alleged opportunity to join are just another scam so that’s what I’m going to be answering in this video and at any point in time feel free to click the link down below and check out the tops of the secrets that these hot network marketing leaders are hiding from you so if you’re struggling with making money online or you’re not getting leads that are coming to your opportunity those seven secrets will help you and realizing things that you may lack so with that being said let’s dive in so in this video what I’m going to be going over is the CEOs behind the company what the company stands for some of the products that they have and I actually tried out quite quite a few of their products because i like working out I’ve done p90x I’ve done insanity I’ve had some of their recovery drink some of their shake aholic so Shakeology so i have had I’ve had purchased stuff from them in the past and I have some psychology in my pantry completely irrelevant but hey you know so I’m going to be going over all those different things the compensation plan how much does it cost to get started and most importantly if Team Beachbody is legit company or just another scam and also if you stick all the way to the end I will be telling you and revealing to you why why it is that these why it is that ninety-seven percent of people fell wit network marketing and getting reps okay so with that being said let’s go ahead and dive into this review ok guys so as far as Team Beachbody as far as that goes as you may or may not know this network marketing company specializes in health in the fitness niche all right so a lot of their reps or they do they run their network marketing company in the old-fashioned traditional way so they have reps that our coaches so these coaches you know they help you or how to lose weight or they lose weight and they teach you how to do it or something like that but coaches are awesome if you want to be a co chi go ahead by all means to be a coach okay so as far as some of the products that they have they have anywhere from sports gear to training videos like workout programs fitness tips products like foods like that you can actually eat Shakeology which is a weight loss drink they have all kind of things that you can use so their product line is great in my opinion they have they have some good stuff I know their psychology I’ve tried that before and that’s basically designed to help you get in shape replenish your body you give your body good like good nutrients and minerals that you need you out the day you know I bought it cost like about 124 dollars for it package this big and you get that for about a month or you can get the single packages but I tried out that I’ve tried out some of their workout programs and you know I’ve got results would it I like it it’s a legit company intelligent opportunity I’m not going to really go into death about all the different products that they have but like I said they have anywhere from Team Beachbody Review – Is Beachbody A Pyramid Scheme? workout gear to supplement so nutrient nutrient nutrient supplements and programs fitness program so they really have it all and they’ve done it a credible job with this opportunity and I really like it i like i like Team Beachbody would I ever be a coach may when I get a little bit odard but I like their opportunity all right so as far as a compensation plan I’m not really going to get into depth about that i will leave a link i will leave about three videos down below in the description feel free to check that out which basically it has the leaders it has people that are part of Team Beachbody explain the compensation plan because they’re going to be able to explain it to you a lot better than I tan for the sake of time and they have a better understanding of it but they do have a compensation plan it’s basically a way way that ways that you can get paid and that they will compensate you for signing the different products and services in supplements that they have to other people and bringing other people into your downline and being a Team Beachbody Coach so all that stuff will be down in a description and as far as my opinion about Beachbody Team Beachbody overall team beachbody isn’t a scam anybody likes saying it is that it’s a scam is nine times out of ten they are a silly that they’ve been affiliated with Team Beachbody and they didn’t see result or they you know they didn’t see the results that they want so they started probably blaming the company or blaming their myths or but you know hey it’s a legit company they have products that you can sell people are seeing results with these different products and work out so it’s legit I think marketing is you know is being frowned upon because here’s the problem a lot of people don’t know how to recruit so if they get put into the business opportunity and they don’t see results within the first week or within the first month or three months and they give up and as a result they want to call this company and scam this company and scan and you know when people hear the word scam they’re going to be more likely not when every opportunity isn’t a scam I feel like if you have legit if you have you know products and you can sell to people it’s a legit company all right so with that being said if you want to actually learn how to recruit and bring people into your opportunity and stop chasing you know your family and friends everywhere or you know trying to chase the cat down the road you know to join your business opportunity feel free to click the link down below and check out my top recommended system that taught me how to actually become an authority figure and my network marketing opportunity in you can’t too because it really works for any company that you’re in if you understand how to recruit people into your opportunity and you actually start applying it and you will see results most definitely so if you’ve enjoyed this review make sure to hit that like button and subscribe to my channel because I come out with different reviews almost every day to help you make that buying decision and in the future I’m also going to be teaching my audience so my subscribers how to actually get leads off of youtube off of facebook instagram twitter all the different social medias that you can leverage so even if you don’t have money you can leverage your smartphone or your your laptop and learn how to use these social media to your benefit so with Team Beachbody Review – Is Beachbody A Pyramid Scheme? that being said hope you’ve enjoyed my team beachbody review and if you have any questions comments concerns and make sure to leave them down below if you have anything that you want me to review over any company so freely that found below in the comments too I may actually do review over it who knows it was that being said I’ll see you on the next video thank you

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