Team Beachbody – How To Recruit More Coaches Into Your Team Beachbody Business

Hey what’s going on my friends this is Kurt Tasche and in today’s video we’re going to talk about how you can start recruiting more Team Beachbody Coaches into your team beachbody business now Team Beachbody and any other network marketing opportunity out there comes with a lot of challenges in fact in this industry there’s a 97 percent failure rate 97 percent of people on average fail to make any real money in their business including Team Beachbody and the thing is people tend to blame other elements for their failures for one, they’ll say, you know they’ll blame the company well is it Team Beachbody’s fault if people are failing. Well no, because the company’s been around for a long time they’re very stable they have a lot of high-quality products so it’s not the company Well, is it the products? Like I said there’s a lot of high-quality products them everything products sell very well. They get a lot of high reviews on it’s not the products. Then you might say, is it the compensation plan? Well, look at it this way. if someone else in Team Beachbody beach, doing the Team Beachbody business is making say let’s say $10,000 monthly and you or someone else is making nothing or small amount the only variable really is is you know the people you have the same compensation plan, the same company same products so the variable would be you now what really is the issue though it’s not necessarily you or the company the products or the comp plan. ok take a step back a minute and look at this way in this industry in the network marketing industry there are over 50 to 60 million people involved in some sort of opportunities. some sort of networking business and also at the same time any given time it was about 2-3 million newbies new people who are brand new to the industry who’ve never done this before who are looking for opportunity so what happens you get the 50 or 60 million people over here promoting to the 2-3 million over here and bombarding them with their offers ok and the 2-3 million people beuome induntated, they don’t know what to do, they get confused, they get information overload and so what happens is you you run out of people to promote to and you scare people off. So what if you could do it differently? What if, instead of hammering people with your team beachbody opportunity what if you could instead of promoting to the 2-3 people, what if instead you could you can offer something to the 50-60 million network marketers who already understand the industry they already get it, they already believe in in what if you can promote something to them give them something that they can use for their current business you know something for free that you can offer them that would help them build their business whatever it is and then as you get them into this you put into a system. a free system and then as you get into the system they’re going to see what you’re doing with Team Beachbody and some of those people that you bring in not all of them are gonna be happy with the current company or they’re going to want to add to their current income stream they’re gonna want to add something else and a lot of them are going to take a look at Team Beachody and because you gave them something that they needed for their business, you gave them something free, gave them some value you know first they’re going to come there to think about you and come to join you before they think of anybody else or any other company because you stepped up and gave them something of high value that they needed because you cared enough to help them so what would you think about if you where to utilize a system like this and give it away for free to people where they can build any business they’re in. In fact it would let them build multiple businesses if they really wanted to well if you’d like to learn more about that and how you can use this to get more Team Beachbody coaches into your Team Beachbody business without actually having to promote Team Beachbody to them, what I want you to do is go ahead and click that link in the description. That’s gonna take you to a video. Go ahead and checkout the quick video and then you’ll be able to fill out a short application. A short information form and then from there, you’ll be able to fill out a registration form for the system that you can use to build your Team Beachbody business and give it away to other people for free and get them into seeing what you’re doing and through that build a team in your Team Beachbody business because people are going to get to know you they’re gonna start to like you and they’re gonna start to trust you and because you offered them, you helped them with their challenges their problems you’re gonna be the first person they think of when it comes to joining a new business and they’re gonna see Team Beachbody through you and they’re gonna love it. So guys, with that this is Kurt Tasche, thank you for watching this video on how to get more coaches into your Team Beachbody business, if you have any questions please feel free to leave it in comments and please go ahead Like and Subscribe this video and again click that link below to get your free system and start getting more Team Beachbody Coaches into your organization so guys, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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