this thing live hey miss Connie I’m
getting ready to walk up and down my stairs I’m not really sure what I need
she arranged my camera oh my goodness I really just want y’all
to see hold up yeah I might have to in this lab
and start over I think Adam
messed up the tripod banging of didi anybody there oh here can y’all see me so I am going do some
push-ups I’m going to be walking up and down my
stands tonight I’d like to walk up and down my stairs for exercise so I like to
do by ten cents I don’t know let’s see how many times I
could walk up down my stairs in an hour I’m gonna try to do this in an hour
so I’m gonna try to go for hours and let’s see and I have to go get my water yeah
hoedown I’m a mute piece hey Mercator thank you I’m gonna leave
this and let me go get my water you okay I got my water you guys if you want
to know if you’re really in shape walk up and down stairs
believe me this is more strenuous and it takes more endurance than regular
walking and jogging walking up up and down some stable and when you do it make
sure you have your water with you this is my vinegar and my lemon water
some people look like they may be passing by playing some music so at some
point I may have to mute this so you guys the best time to get your workout
in it’s never too late to get your workout in so if you’ve missed it
throughout the day and you didn’t get out to do it early enough you can still
get it in before you go to bed at night and that will even make it better for
you to sleep so let’s get now as people out here crazy make sure that breathing take a break
whenever you need to don’t overexert yourself 13 people in the house seven
thumbs up please give this video a thumbs up
hey that sherita’s kitchen how you been doing sweetie there’s a girl in the
house marquita say you are welcome thank you
scheanette say you are healthy and beautiful also down to earth
oh sure Rita’s kitchens they think I lose the girls say thank you for the
super chat marquetta and miss connie is saying hello
so while i’m cuz this burns like this burner so what I’m gonna do is just do
some big building but I may be 20 exactly yeah there’s a lot of people out here
talking I’m gonna mute the video it’s a bunch of people sitting around
outside okay I’m a keeper I’m gonna rest for a minute but I’m a
mute esteem because they love you can y’all see me when I’m all the way
down at the bottom of the step Haitian it
can y’all see me when I’m all the way down at the bottom of the step doing my
stretches down there yeah if y’all want to know if y’all want to know if y’all in shape
y’all do some stairs I promise you it’s more strenuous than anything you don’t I promise you it ain’t easy as you think
it is whoo-hoo-hoo no hammer say somebody
playing music yeah yeah I know I got it but you guys could
speak some breaks in between this and you got to make sure you drink some
water because this is very strenuous very Gloria says Janette tasty pairs strong
these girl I could choke a man with these leaves choking I put him in the
chokehold and he’ll be Kraft help he’s in Hell hell hell okay yeah I got the
mute cuz people could pass by any time with you thank you all for coming and working out
with me tonight it’s cool it’s windy it’s not too hot and you know you’re not
overexerting yourself in the heat so either you work out early early early in
the morning or late at night or just wait until you can work out in the
morning or late at night no overexertion from the side only thing
I got to worry about is these people outside of the night worrying about them
they know I ain’t scared but I did add a little more water to
this and if y’all see anything floating around in the water that’s the lemon
that’s the lumen so that’s lemon and vinegar add it to a gallon of the steel water and is just
too strong let me reach out Cummings thank you out
416 thumbs up miss Gloria you say yes tasty
she may say I think so mrs. Gloria which I will say I can imagine vinegar and
lemon would be very potent yes I put a little too much vinegar Aneta I put a
little too much vinegar in there raw sage that cucumber and mint is the bomb
what’s the benefits role of Chanel what is the benefits of the vinegar and the
lemon and ro would still gonna what’s the benefits of the cucumber and the
mint I’m gonna have to look both of those up but I’m gonna do a lot I’m
gonna do next time I’m by my opinion my paper
y’all need to tell me so I could write it down when I go make groceries I’m
pretty much gonna start my workout journey in my diet journey at the
beginning of the month but I’m just getting started
you know this is all extra and all that vinegar will tell me it’s just a little
vinegar in the gallon the water vinegar is very good for you though yeah you
have a lot of apple cider vinegar have a lot of benefits okay let me get the walk
in I’m a mute again you you whatever after getting in for our excuse
me that’s what I’m gonna do when we do an
hour I also like to jump rope but it’s not really enough room right there to
jump Robin do more exercises in another spot Jeanette say hey that Vanessa
Sheena say when you use the apple cider vinegar use the Bragg’s brand with the
mother I don’t know if I want the mother Janet say do it girl
Vanessa say go tasty go girl takes the Go Go taste to go a little girl say whoa
whoa would it let’s go Oh Janice say hello I see you are getting your workout
on wish I were there doing you Connie see you said it was strong yeah it’s
it’s a little strong but I added some water to it I added some more water to
it Gosei has vitamin D and rich in
potassium and magnesium they contain anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory favorite color saya –
I think she’s how you pronounce it which has shown to improve brain health miss Connie said cucumber lemon and mint
cute cuts sex and stomach oh I need that be that vinegar which oh yeah I need
that miss Gloria you still here I’m trying to see women’s glue you gonna fix
me on me Oh miss Gloria I wanna come over and eat Jenny say I’m still trying
to walk straight after heavy we praying for you miss Danny we praying
for you my care to say goodnight everyone
thank you Mike here again for the super chat good night sweetie see you later miss Gloria say oMG Janet
bless you miss Laurey ain’t listening to what I’m saying about fixing me 98
Janice say thank you so much she totally ignoring me time not trying
to put in the cookie use against a night mark here to stay blessed
okay get up and walk some more where you say
okay rope chain saying okay tasty miss Gloria are you ignoring me there is a
delay in the video though so thumbs up the video of you I didn’t already but I
don’t think it’s that much of a delay miss Gloria she replied in the other chat I didn’t
see it I didn’t see what’s the other chat what did she say
you lose again tell me I can see what she sees gross a cucumber contains
vitamin A vitamin B what do you do just slice it up and put it in the water oh I’m gonna have to watch some videos on
that I didn’t see what she says yeah okay let me walk some more yellow okay I feel good out here she said I
heard you ask about me I’ll cook when I start feeling better legs are killing me
Oh miss Gloria will say you slice up the cucumber and pour in the water and add
your mint leaves and put it in the refrigerator overnight and allow its
permit join the next day is the mint fresh mint it’s the mint fresh mint mr. John are
you in here is Joan in here is Terrence in here should I say a cosigner it
controls your blood sugar helps with constipation girl I got no issues
because the patient work that our okra will relieve any issues of constipation aid with weight loss sir person’s
appetite treats excess reflux reduces you I need that reduces belly fat
improves heart health and so much more if you do everything at once y’all I’m
doing the okra I’m doing the garlic I’m doing the ginger I’m doing the kale I’m
doing I’m gonna do the apple cider vinegar and a green drink yeah I’m gonna
be sitting on the toilet ain’t gonna never be able eat home I am never gonna
be able to leave home okay Janet I could drink it all day but
it’s a detox so I have to cut back miss Janice say yes roll us I’m not gonna say
that word swear she say but yes I believe I dare drink
i’ma try it ro I got some cucumbers in the house right now but I don’t have it they’ll say oh so sonic would do your
say hello I am new to your channel thank you
oh yeah I’m getting ready to walk some more when I want I’d be away from the
camera and people passing by they could pass but I would music in any time so
I’m gonna meet the video you you you at least people are allowed out here I
don’t know what they doing but I’m gonna meet this again I know that’s why ro I’ll be saying the
same things suddenly time I make piles dick may cause a heart attack I’d be
like what no thank you thirty minutes of walking up and down
the step it’s like walking around the park for eight miles it’s worse it’s
worse if you think you mean shake excuse me
run up and down stairs and you are so find out that you not a shape like you
got yours you were shooting father that you are so out of shape yeah these
people out here my battery died I got 15 minutes left I
don’t know if I can make 15 more minutes but should I go get my extension cord
from at the house I don’t feel like dragging my extension cord I hear y’all
say I might see how much longer last real stay I like my shrimp with melted
butter and little tiny pepper and a little OCD y’all dis uni tight Oh sleepy
and I just got to take my bed now I’m sweaty I need to go take another one
y’all should try it rule in Jamie there are hot teas that’s time good how much
what’d you put in there a tablespoon a tablespoon okay yeah I’m gonna try to
wrap this up because I don’t want my batteries are dying I wanna go back to
the house and finish talking here you the Chelsea them bad kids okay yeah
that’s gonna wrap up this first workout episode of tasty month thing eats
bootcamp tasted mukbang each boot camp y’all I gave this video a thumbs up if
you have an army we’re gonna go in in the house but i’ma turn this down okay
that was mine I’m gonna get me another one of these things from the store
because I’ve been fixing a lot of shape ooh y’all okay let me give you a review
on my first workout since I left you in the house this is my first workout since
I lived in that house and walking up and down the stairs is worser than way worse
it in walking for miles around the park like you burn more you get hotter you
exerting more you’re working more cuz you’re moving your legs and and your
upper body and everything so it’s like more of a all-over body workout then it
is oh yeah let me plug let me put up this charger cuz this
thing is no it’s a walking upstairs and running upstairs exudes more energy and
it’s a more of a all-over body workout it gets you to perspiring more into I
don’t know what the collar but it’s just it’s more extraneous then walking and
like I say if you think you in shape if you think you are in shape run up and
down some stairs for our I guarantee you you will find out that you are not in
shape at all so if you have stairs if you you don’t need a gym you guys you
don’t need a gym you can workout at home if you have stairs if you have a
neighbor to have stairs if you live in a town home and you have stairs within
your townhome I used to run it and down my stairs in my townhome and I used to
jump rope on my patio I got in shape in 30 days without lifting any way or any
weights and I was ripped my body was ripped with muscles my legs were
scripted with muscles my arms with muscles just by jumping rope and running
up and down stairs so anybody have any questions what you jealous over oh you’re in
Huntington meet Kelly I got this phone charged up charging up but sometime when
you get too low it don’t matter if it’s on the charger or not you won’t charge okay you guys so we got three more
minutes which is gonna make it an hour and I’m going to end this live in three
minutes you guys know where we’re gonna be after
this I mean school open is Gloria said she met your drink sounds really good
she say I use one two two two tablespoons of vinegar in a 12 ounce of
warm the rest of your ingredients use liking Janet say you as well I feel like
I need to go take another bath y’all I just took a bath what do y’all think do
y’all think I should take another bath but just two for him I appreciate everybody who hung out with
me tonight I didn’t think nobody was gonna work out
with me I’m either gonna do my workouts late at night or early in the morning I
think I’m gonna try to lean toward early in the morning because all those people
that was outside just now screaming and shouting and howling they gonna be in
the bed at 6:00 in the morning so if I come out here like about 6:00 in the
morning hopefully it won’t y’all in noise elissa girl say I’m shocked you said
that she said what we don’t have weather like they do in Cali in beaches girl no
you know it’s beautiful but it’s places in Texas – we’ve never seen they are
really beautiful that we don’t even know about and that’s what I’m about to get
out and start seeing okay yeah we’re at one hour on this life y’all know where
I’m gonna be next so you got three people over there and 23 107 I’ve I was
in that life so we’re gonna be internet life soon and starting a new one but
come on going back over to the other place yeah I will see y’all later thank
you all for joining me don’t forget to thumbs up this video if
you’re watching it later leave lots of comments down below let me
know what you think about are you gonna be working out with me I do not have a
certain amount of days to do this workout this is something for life you
guys getting fit in any age for life come and join the tasty look Vayne eats
boot camp health and fitness boot camp I will talk to you guys later bye know
thanks for watching


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