Tapping for Weight Loss

Tapping has helped me to get rid of that
‘dark night of the soul’ kind of feeling. I lived with a wonderful woman named
Gale for a couple years. She was a type 1 diabetic. She started getting sicker and sicker and
she eventually passed away. 6 months after my roommate passed away,
my mother passed away unexpectedly. I gained weight really fast
at that time. It was sort of my way of dealing
with it I guess. When I found out about Tapping and that
you could work on yourself as well as with a practitioner, I was like “let me at it”. I really got a jump-start with it with the
2010 Tapping World Summit. I listened to all 20 of the seminars and no
matter what the subject was, even if it wasn’t something I thought related to me, and
I tapped along with each recording and I started releasing stuff and
releasing stuff. And then of course my 50 lb. weight loss has
been a big thing that people comment on. I have to tell them, it’s from releasing the
things that were weighing me down. Before the Tapping World Summit
I felt burdened and wanting healing. And then afterwards I felt like
a weight had been lifted. At a certain point, you do feel the calm,
you do feel the love, and you feel better. I’m a jazz vocalist and flautist and I would
say now, after EFT Tapping, I’m definitely much more confident on the bandstand. I’m more decisive about the creative things
I want to do. I’m probably a little bossier.

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