TAPIOCA Para MASSA MUSCULAR – Como e Quanto Usar?

Hello! What’s up? Today I’m gonna tell you about tapioca
and gain of muscle mass. When to consume, how to consume, will it be that
she is indicated in pre-workout, post-workout, how best to do these two
moments? Stay with me till the end, that you won’t
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of the good, which is what I want most here with the canal. A lot of people talk:
“Patricia, talk more about tapioca, about the pasta muscle…” “Does it fit whoever wants to win
muscle mass?” “At what time, do I use it in the
pre-training, post-training?” Let’s talk a little bit more about that now. Tapioca is super common in Brazil. It has been used for a long time in the Northeast and
in the North, but from about 5, 7 years ago, it went down more, right? Midwest, South, Southeast… And it’s become a super fashion, because it’s very practical
of you making the tapioca gum at home. Just hydrate the powder, make that little tapioquinha
at home, crepioca… And many people loved the practicality, didn’t they?
has gluten… So, they talk:
“Ah, I’ll add that more in my day I want to eat healthier food every day.” We have to remember, however, that if we
you compare the tapioca, the tapioca flour, the tapioca gum, right? Actually, which is what we use for
make that tapioca I’m talking about here for you. Which we call tapioca, tapioca, but
it’s that little crepe, isn’t it? In the frying pan, that little toasted pasta,
that’s not so toasty, is it? It gets more elastic, that’s the good thing
of tapioca… We have to compare that, when we
look at that, we have to think about a white potato. And you have to remember that tapioca has more carbohydrate
than the potato itself. I mean, she’s pure high-grade carbohydrate
glycemic, virtually no fibre, no has virtually no protein and no fat. So, it’s like, right? A pure carbohydrate anyway, that’s going in
very fast in your bloodstream and it’s gonna give you an insulin spike. But that’s what you really want if you
You just trained. In our post-training… I’ve told you more in other videos. I have many videos talking about what
…eat in pre and post-workout, anyway… I’ll leave them all down here in the description
for you, if you happen to be new here in the canal. The description, I’m talking to you,
has the name of the video, a little arrow down, you click there and I’ll put up several links
for you. But in post-workout, what we need
necessarily to have a good fill and to have a good muscle building? If you just got out of the strength exercise,
of hypertrophy… What do you need? What are the substrates? High glycemic carbohydrate… Oba, so, tapioca super has to do with it. And high biological value protein. How do we get them married from
a cheap, easy, quiet way? High biological value protein, clear
of egg with tapioca. So, you can make a crepioca only
with the egg white. If you want to put a little salt, an oregano,
a little spice like that can be, no problem. You can do it in the pan, great. Or you do the regular tapioca and stuffing
with a boiled egg or the egg white scrambled… But then, it’s just the clear one, okay? The yolk you separate for another moment, because
at that time is not so interesting. I even have video talking more about
egg in the post-workout, if you want to know more details on that, I’ll leave it here
underneath the description as well. Now, apart from that post-workout schedule,
which is the schedule we have to have Insulin spike for muscle building. At all other times, it’s interesting
…we’ll give you a balanced tapioca, because you’ve seen that she’s carbohydrate
pure and it’ll peak insulin. And if we keep doing this throughout the
day, outside of post-workout hours, we will have… You may end up with insulin resistance,
accumulation of abdominal fat… Well, isn’t it? It’s not what you want, you want to win
muscle mass. So much for pre-training… For pre-training, as for coffee from
morning, for the afternoon snack, for the evening… Ideally, you should consume tapioca allied
to a protein, it could be a chicken breast, could be a whole boiled egg, once again,
it could be tuna, it could be anything you want, really, vegetable protein… I have a list here in the good protein channel
vegans, you can add. I’ll leave that list down here too. And then, if you can add more fiber,
or squeaks in her own dough, or flaxseed, Anyway… If you want to add a salad for
top, close her up with a little salad of olive oil. And you add the salad fiber and more
the oil, the fat good for lentifying that absorption of that carbohydrate. Anything you can add healthy. The avocado, to identify the glycemic index,
i.e. good fats, high protein biological value or fiber, will help improve
the nutritional composition of this meal which is the tapioca base. On the other hand, if you do it in your post-workout,
adding all of this will lentify the absorption of the carbohydrate, will lentify the absorption
of protein, it won’t give the insulin spike that you needed to carry the amino acids
into the muscle tissue, to make the muscle building, and you’ll lose
a bit of that window, which is interesting. I gave the example of the egg white boiled with
the pure tapioca, but you can also use as stuffing the shredded chicken, cooked
and shredded, mincemeat stewed alone, with low fat, or even tuna… But always remember that the more fat
have the meat that you consumed, slower will be the absorption. That’s why I talked about the egg, because the egg
is pure protein anyway. I also have some recipes here on the channel
with tapioca. Video about crepioca, explaining more how
prepare. Videos making… I’ll leave you all down here in the description
to help you. So tell me, did you know this question
of tapioca? Did you know… Were you surprised by any of this information? How do you usually make that tapioca there
at home? Do you have any special recipes? Share with us, let’s expand together
this chain of good, which is what I want here with the canal. If you sign up for the channel and turn on the bell, I
I got new video every day, you don’t you’re gonna want to lose. Good shape, health, nutrition, lots of hints
and a lot of legal prescription… And make your move too, okay? Because that helps me a lot. See you next time. Bye, bye.


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