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When A Fighter Says They Do Strength and Conditioning ft. Singdam: Coach’s Quick Chat EP. 01

When a lot of fighters say they’re doing strength & conditioning… …they’re actually not! They’re doing conditioning training with weights “But it’s all squats and presses?” It’s like someone saying they’re doing Muay Thai, when they’re doing Kung Fu “But it’s all punches and kicks” So it’s not just what you do, but how you

Body Works Plus Abs at LA Fitness

[Music starts] What I love about Body Works is that it works. It’s a total body workout. It’s functional. You work both sides of the body. It also helps you improve your balance and your core strength. I’ve taught several other formats over the course of the years, and this one is probably by far

Boot Camp Conditioning at LA Fitness

[Music starts up] Boot Camp offers such a variety of different things that we can do. There’s different stations that have different types of exercises. [music continues] There’s a quick pace in Boot Camp. Every station has just a limited amount of time. Not only are you being challenged to think about the exercise that

Mat Pilates at LA Fitness

[soft music starts up] Pilates at LA Fitness focuses on the core. Its focus is on our balance and how we are able to function every day from just going to the office to work or competing in a triathlon. Many of my members classify Pilates as an hour-long ab crunch. You really focus, and

Yoga at LA Fitness

[inhale] [exhale] Yoga, to me, is more than just an exercise. Not only is my body getting this intense, wonderful, healthy workout; my brain is getting a release. My stress is going. [relaxing music plays] It helps increase my flexibility. It helps my body look better. And it also helps my body be better on