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Prone Hip Extension

Lying face down your hands should be just under and inside the hip bones, keeping one leg straight bend the other knee so you create a 90 degree angle. Lift the bent knee up off the floor but feel what your hips are doing with your hands. Did you push into your hands? If you

FITNESS – Flexibility Challenge 2

Hello Good Morning Friend Friends we are here in Caversham a beautiful place Its in reading south England Friends, today we brought to you a new flexibility test which will tell you how flexible your shoulders and neck friends, you must be doing some regular workout Lets check how flexible your shoulder and neck and


Today we are going to talk about Principles of Fitness. So I believe that as a fitness professional the very first step of starting your career is to make sure that you know what are the components that we have under the word fitness. So over here the first one that I’m going to talk

Top Fitness Trends For 2020

Hi fit fam I’m Julia. And I’m Eric. And we have the top fitness trends, well the top fitness trends that we think are hot. That we know of. And, we’re gonna tell you what they are. Of course one of the first fitness trends of 2020 is wearable technology. Now these go from everything

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3803 Ozone Magnetic Elliptical

Break a sweat when you get into shape on the SF-E3803 Ozone Magnetic Elliptical Step on to the large texture grip pedals preventing feet from slipping while you achieve an incredible full body workout. Activate muscles in your lats, mid-back and posterior shoulder muscles while utilizing the sweat-resistant handlebars Eight levels of magnetic resistance combined