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Dyskryminacja ze względu na stopień sprawności

The University of Warsaw has been a leader of openness for many years for persons with disabilities and chronically ill persons. We have many students and employees in such situation. Despite this, it can still happen that disability or chronical illness leads to exclusion, refusal of certain rights or excuse from duties which should be

The Bizarre History of Dieting | ATTN:

Dieting started with questionable eating advice from an English poet, evolved to incorporate chewing techniques to make you crap less, and really went off the rails with the invention of amphetamines, cigarettes, and laxatives. Hey everyone, I’m Natalie, and this is The Bizarre History of Dieting. And who better to start with then Pale, thin

The Best Heart Healthy Dieting Snacks

Hi! I’m robo-Suzie and today I’ll talk to you about The Best Heart Healthy Dieting Snacks. Also don’t forget to subscribe for more tips in the future! But back to our topic. Snacks have become a staple of the American diet. However, just because we’re snacking, doesn’t mean we have to eat garbage. In fact,

Learn the Jump Rope Side Straddle

We’re with Shana Brady, director of training for Punk Rope. We’re at Brighton Beach. I’ll just show you the ocean for a second. It’s beautiful out here. Shana is going to show us the side straddle and the X cross. As always we begin with the basic bounce: relaxed jumps, slight bend in the knees,

Exercise Thai Boomerang 19

So Thai Boomerang gives 1 Squadron and our Super Hornets a chance to come up to Korat and work with the Thai F16 pilots to improve our integration and our air-to-air capability. Yes so Thai Boomerang is not just about the aircrew as much as that’s the high profile visible thing that we’re doing here

At Home HIIT WORKOUT With Weights

HIIT workout with weights. We’re gonna be using dumbbells in today’s circuit to add some resistance and increase intensity We’ll start off with a quick warm up and wrap up with a stretch and cool down So, grab those weights and follow along, we’re getting started right now. Nice work guys. If you liked that