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Pump On Campus | Health and Fitness Week

I don’t fit with what people’s perception of a powerlifter would be, people are always like, you’re not like, you know, they do this motion, you’re not really very big are you. And I’m like, well no, but I am strong Bodybuilding is all about being completely dedicated from the heart, from the time you

WODAPALOOZA – 2017 / Miami Fitness Festival

WODAPALOOZA Festival If on 1 м² the number increases with astronomical speed it means a competition is somewhere near hear Today we are at Miami WODAPALOOZA Festival Here’s it the main area of the festival Girls have decided to do a light warm-up before the main complex Just a warm-up the so called “shoulder activation

Livekick Fitness Trainer: Catherine English

What’s up everybody, welcome to Livekick. My name is Catherine, I’m an ACE-certified personal trainer and I’ve been working in the fitness industry for the past five years. I studied Exercise Science and strength and conditioning in college which led me straight into personal training and group fitness training. A few of my specialties include: