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MAXBURN PRO II Fitness Plate ~ Tutorial

Let’s get you off the sofa and onto your MAXBURN Fitness Plate with some easy exercises We’re going to share our favorite moves with you for a quick 10 minutes workout Remember to connect your phone to your MAXBURN Fitness Plate via bluetooth before you get going this means that you can listen to your

Muscle Memory Explained

You’re motivated, you workout, you work hard, and six months later you’re twice as strong as before and looking better than ever. And then, BAM! you get hit with an injury, or get busy with work, or even just lose motivation and you stop working out for three months. You lose all the results you

BH Fitness S3Ti Folding Treadmill Review

– This is the BH Fitness S3Ti treadmill. BH Fitness is a global company that is built on a legacy of producing high end, durable, user focused fitness equipment for the home, light commercial, and full commercial settings. This is a good all around and durable machine. It utilizes their active flex two suspension for

Jump Rope Science Fun

so today I am going to talk about how you might improve the jump rope and the first question it comes to mind is well what’s wrong with a jump rope? And I’m going to tell you two reasons why the jump rope has room for improvement. The first reason is that there is a