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Respiration Training Part 3: Advanced Breath Control

Today we’re going to take another look at advanced versions of respiration training to improve performance. In last week’s video we talked about three different base level respiration training drills focusing on what we call pursed lipped or straw breathing. We talked about doing those in the seated position and then doing walking and then

Shocking Truth About Fat & Your Body

Hello Health Champions. Today I want to reveal the shocking truth about fat but in order to understand the issue completely we have to understand what fat is where does fat come from and we have to understand the mechanisms of what happens in the body when we eat fat or when we don’t. Coming

10 Rounds: Official Sizzle

You’re with us right now in the fight. Power shot! Get ready to crush calories, build strength, and get shredded. This is the perfect combination of shirt drenching boxing workouts combined with total body weight training, and I designed all of it to get you powerful, visible results. This is 10 ROUNDS. Whoa! What the