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My First Time Bungee Jumping!

( music playing )man: So, you’ll jump successfully. – Will: Successfully. – You’ll– you’ll land successfully. – Will: Right. – You’ll get off– Or– or not. But what– ( overlapping chatter, laughter ) You know, you say yes to things long before you actually know what they are.You know, when I bungeed at, uh, Victoria

My biggest WTF moment (broccoli hoarder edition)

– Hey, it’s Jenny from Jenny Eden Coaching and I help sensitive, soulful and smart women heal their relationship with food and body through mindful eating and intuitive eating practices, behavioral change, mindset work and even brain science and today I wanna share with you a very humbling story. It was not my proudest moment

The Thai’s Vengeance: The 1940 Franco-Thai War

The quick collapse of France during WW2, was a shock to many in the world. It’s colonial empire was largely administered from a German puppet government, Vichy France, and their was a major worry from the Allied High Command, of antagonizing the puppet French government enough, that they’d openly fight against the Allied forces. However,

Looking for a Challenge

6 weeks ago, or make it 7 weeks ago, I wasn’t even a member here, I was somewhere else I trained hard there too, but there was no challenge, there was no accountability no, like “what do you want to achieve?” kind of support, they just come in, just come in, and your training and

여행 브이로그 “태국 크라비 홍섬 선셋 투어”/Travel VLOG”korean man’s trip to the hong island of Krabi, Thailand.”

It’s a beach store at Ao Nang beach, Krabi I like the atmosphere There are mainly massage shop, hotel, and restaurants mainly My head is full of thoughts of getting massage I spent morning by walking around the Ao Nang beach Ao Nang beach was a beach that had lively atmosphere inside of calmness Today