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SUB)2주만에 5kg감량/치킨집사장vlog/다이어트브이로그/슬리컬리후기/다이어트식단/Sleycally/Giảm cân/减肥/ダイエット/김랑이랑[diet vlog]episode 5

Finally, I’m almost 54kg! I have to lose up to 54kg within a week from now. So I have to control my diet and exercise steadily until this Sunday. It’s a real hassle. As expected, I am really bad. I ate everything I wanted to eat, but I have an upset stomach. I like to

일상 브이로그 “구독자분들과 클럽간 날 (그룹운동) + 커플 브이로그” / korean VLOG”date with subscribers+gf?”

On a normal Saturday This is one my way to spend the weekend meaningfully I am heading to dermatologist in morning today I am wearing neatly in order to head to wedding straight after dermatologist It’s really been a while ever since I have been to wedding last time Many people around me started to