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Sweet Potato Nutrition Facts

Hi there. This video that you just hit play on is all about how to shop for and prepare sweet potatoes in a sustainable way and we’re going to be breaking down all the fun stuff like nutrition, health benefits, all that good stuff. So let’s dive in. my name is Sabrina from live, stylish

you are more than your body.

five months ago, I made a video exposing myself for my body dysmorphia and disordered eating patterns. in that video I explained my personal story and the struggles I’ve dealt with now for about five years related to my appearance and my distorted relationship with food. even after that video was made, I still had

Welcome to Veg Edge Fitness!

hey guys guys sick lows what’s up I’m Matt and I’m Paula and welcome to bed edge fitness I guess yeah this is judge Fitness Journal yeah this has been a long time in the making we finally decided to get a YouTube channel going a little bit behind the curve but uh better late