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(Eng)DIET브이로그👙/46kg식단 관리운동하기,다이어트는 먹기위해✨(비빔국수, 현선이네 떡볶이, 감자탕, 낙지볶음, 스마일꽈배기)다시 식단관리.

(Last Story) (I started boiling some eggs right after my workout!) (Nothing quenches thirst like an Iced-Americano!) (Vietnamese coffee is strong so I usually drink half a bag at a time) (Put in just a bit of hot water and dump in ice right away!) (This completes a home-made iced americano!) (For today’s brunch, I’m

Bungee Jumping – Taupo, New Zealand

Hey everybody and welcome to the beautiful Waikato River Here in the North Island of New Zealand Now its over and above this river where my next adventure will be Come check it out Guess what we’re going to do We’re gonna go BUNGEE JUMPING I’ve never done this before I am so nervous and

Gym Songs Motivation Tamil StandUp Comedy by Vignesh Vijayan – Fitness Trainer, Client expectations

Bodybuilder right !? How’s it possible? Come on tell me What’s the motivation? What’s the motivation? What’s the motivation? For me exercise is not the only motivation. I watch Videos [ Front row Girl doubt ah looking !!?!? ] er.. ah… “With dialogues” I don’t watch MUSIC videos. I watch only RAW workout videos. Before