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Wireless Fitness Headset Microphone — Shure Fitness Headset Mic Review

– Looking for a super-cool hands-free microphone for creating fitness content? Well, we’re here at CES at the Shure booth checking out this microphone, coming up. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] This video is brought to you by TubeInfluence.com, a one-hour online masterclass on how to grow a highly influential and profitable YouTube channel this year.

LinkedIn Video SECRETS | Sean Cannell

– What’s up? You’re gonna want to like and subscribe already ’cause I have Sean Cannell here, video expert, and he’s gonna tell you the one place you’re not uploading video that you’re gonna want to. Coming up next. That’s how you do it, right? – That’s right, here we go. (laughs) (groovy instrumental music)