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Bose AR/ Company Challenge Recap

Is everyone excited? Are you ready to see the demos? The challenge that we’re hosting tonight is a way for us to drive innovation in sort of a rapid time frame. So, we reached out to developers, storytellers, and audiophiles, and we asked them to share their favorite audio AR concepts with us. Run is

Miglior casco per krav maga

Let’s talk about heavy protections. What is the best helmet for Krav Maga. I’m not talking about helmets whiteout face protection. That material is used for boxing competitions and is really good.. Are fine also those used in Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing. In this area we can plunder. A different speech should done regarding

Mayor’s Fitness Challenge 2019

This is Mayor Oliver Gilbert – Let’s go, Miami Gardens! Join me for another round of the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge. Let’s get active, fit and healthy together. All it takes is your commitment and 60 days. I challenge you, Miami Gardens. Register at livehealthymiamigardens.com today. Join me for the Mayor’s Fitness challenge – Lets do