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Palmito Engorda ou Emagrece?

Heart of palm is a type of vegetable taken from various species of palm trees. The edible palm centers are firm and soft, its crunchy texture makes an ideal addition to salads and sautéed. Heart of palm contains vitamin C, which is a known immune system helper helping you fend off those terrible colds and

The Science of Weight Loss

Hi Guys This is Rahamath, Wellness Coach every now and then, you would meet someone maybe your friend, your colleague or your releative or someone in your family members who may be trying to lose weight. When you see them after a while, some may have lost few kilos, some maybe still trying to lose

Abs Workout: Exercise for a Flat Stomach

>>Abs Workout: exercise for a flat stomach. Learn how to do crunches with these exercise ball workouts. Part 1: start by warming up with a march and twisting knee lift. Stand with your legs hip-width apart, feet parallel, knees soft. Abs tight, chest lifted, chin level, eyes straight ahead. March in place, bending your knees.