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muscle building workouts

What are the differences between an advanced, an intermediate and a beginner’s workout? A beginner hasn’t much training experience under the belt. That’s the reason why the beginner’s body has little adaptation to the stress. Due to this the gains come the easiest and their growth potential is relatively high. The most important thing for

KOMPAN Fitness Bike

There is now a new way of biking in the outdoors. Everybody can get the perfect exercise on this bike. We have carefully designed the relationship between pedaling and workload. When you pedal at a slow or medium pace, you will get a workload, that fits for an untrained or medium trained person. But if

Learn the Jump Rope Side Straddle

We’re with Shana Brady, director of training for Punk Rope. We’re at Brighton Beach. I’ll just show you the ocean for a second. It’s beautiful out here. Shana is going to show us the side straddle and the X cross. As always we begin with the basic bounce: relaxed jumps, slight bend in the knees,