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一撃40個!最強ダイエット鶏団子を大量作り置きしよう🧆!High protein chicken balls

・ Chicken breast 300g×4(without skin) ・ Chicken breast 300g×4(without skin) ・ Enoki mushroom 100g×4 Call 300g each… First, cut it into small pieces In half mince (can be chopped with knife) Thank you Next, chop the enoki mushroom finely Completed chicken ball base, super effective for body makeup 4 kinds of exquisite seasonings from here

How A.I. is searching for Aliens | The Age of A.I.

Oftentimes, innovations solve practical problems, but the advancement of A.I. might bring new tools to chip away at the larger, even existential questions. Are we alone in the universe? Can we create lifelike, intelligent machines? Maybe they’re all moonshots, but imagine, one day, having a second, synthetic version of you. -How’s it going, brother? -Oh,

KT Tape: Golfer’s Elbow

I’m Chris Harper here with Makayla, to demonstrate an application for golfer’s elbow, otherwise known as medial epicondylitis. This is when you have pain on the inside part of the elbow. Some causes may be overuse, gripping objects to tightly or for too long with your hand turned up or in a supinated position. KT

Splenius Capitis and Splenius Cervicis Static Manual Release Technique (Soft Tissue Mobilization)

This is Brent of the Brookbush Institute, and in this video we’re bringing you another manual technique. Now if you’re watching this video I’m assuming you’re watching it for educational purposes, and that you are a licensed manual therapists following the laws regarding scope of practice in your state or region. That means athletic trainers,

Understanding Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

According to the American Thyroid Association, women are five to eight times more likely than men to be diagnosed with thyroid disease. Since two of the most common thyroid conditions are autoimmune in nature, their symptoms may often be confused with other health problems, which can make reaching a diagnosis for some a long and