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“Sow, Nourish, Reap” – Ann Dahm

None of this was here. This was a farmer’s field. This is kind of like the burial ground for his farm animals. I have just always loved animals. I grew up with parents that were always opening their door, not just to people, but all of God’s creatures, great and small. So everybody here is

24/7 Fitness Testimonial

24/7 is a chain of health clubs and I’m the CEO so I run all all ten sites we’ve been working with Omega since 2011 so nearly five years Omega offered us the immediate solution for our health clubs in 2011 very few people were offering turnstile entry for 24-hour health clubs we didn’t really

Get The Ultimate At Home Workout On The NordicTrack Fusion CST Led By Elite iFit Personal Trainers

I love working out on this machine. The first time I saw the Fusion I was like, ‘Wow!’ My favorite thing, having the trainer there. It’s super motivating. Trainer: “Let’s work. Alright, here we go!” I hated high intensity interval training. Trainer: “We’re gonna go through this together.” It made me love it! Your heart