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Telomeres and Reversal of Biological Age

Dear friends, First of all, I’d like to thank you for your presence here today. We will discuss awe-inspiring things. We will talk about things that have never been heard before. So, I believe that your coming here this afternoon is worthwhile. Today our subject is telomeres and biological age reversal. Before I start talking

Telomeres explained: role in genomic stability, stem cells, replicative senescence | Elissa Epel

– [Rhonda]: You mentioned telomeres a few times. So for people listening or viewing that aren’t quite familiar with telomere biology, maybe you can give a quick just, you know, background on what telomeres are, and why they are involved in the aging process, why they’re biomarkers for aging? – [Elissa]: Sure. So people like

Telomeres and Aging | Isagenix

0:01 >>Recently we have discovered that the science of human aging is really pretty simple. 0:07 We age because our cells divide and our telomeres get shorter. 0:11 What’s a telomere? 0:13 Well, to answer that, let’s zoom into a human’s 100 trillion cells. 0:18 Every cell contains a nucleus with genes and chromosomes. 0:21