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Telomeres explained: role in genomic stability, stem cells, replicative senescence | Elissa Epel

– [Rhonda]: You mentioned telomeres a few times. So for people listening or viewing that aren’t quite familiar with telomere biology, maybe you can give a quick just, you know, background on what telomeres are, and why they are involved in the aging process, why they’re biomarkers for aging? – [Elissa]: Sure. So people like

The Anatomy of a Scientific Discovery: Telomeres and Telomerase – Past Present and Future

– [Announcer] This program is presented by University of California Television. Like what you learn? Visit our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest UCTV programs. (lively music) – So these are the Berkeley Graduate Lectures, the Hitchcock Lectures and as you heard yesterday when Carol gave her

Longevity and Telomeres – Bite Sci-zed

It’s October. Halloween is approaching. Do you know what this means? We need to talk about telomeres. I should backup. Many of these traditional Halloween misfits are undead. Frankenstein, zombies, mummies, I can’t help you there, but some of these seasonal stories revolve around supposed immortality– vampires, Merlin, Nicolas Flamel, lobsters. OK, I swear I

Dr. Mercola speaks on Telomeres Dr. Bill Andrews Nobel prize research Product B IsaGenesis Isagenix

Dr. Mercola speaks about Telomere Science, Telomere lengthening and Dr. Bill Andrews. Email: ultrahealth(AT)songofhome.com Telomere Lengthening. Has anyone heard of Telomere Lengthening? Who hasn’t? Most people. Would you like to know about that? OK, let’s talk about that. Dr. Bill Andrews is a friend of mine, an associate He is the man who has discovered