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15 Fitness Myths That Aren’t True

• From myths about an empty stomach helping to drop calories to common exercises that are actually useless, we count 15 things you’ve always believed about exercise that simply aren’t true 15 – Stretching, • Many believe stretching before you begin a workout to be crucial in order to prevent injury and muscle spasms –

Fitness Professionals Try Pilates

– I think I came in here thinking it was like puppies and Trader Joe’s and cottage cheese and stuff, and it was way harder than that. (energetic music) – In Pilates we like to do every movement initiating at the core. Even to move your arms or your legs, we start everything from the

Get Fit for Life (10) Stretching

hi welcome to the stretching portion of our program here are some tips to get the most out of your stretches remember to stretch in both directions stretch with a slow and smooth movement they stretch to a point where you place a mile but not painful stretch on the muscles when you repeat the