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most effective exercises to build muscle?

Hey guys, it’s Kevin Kreider. More than just muscle In this video I want to discuss with you the difference between effective exercises or entertainment exercises Which one are you doing? Are you doing effective exercises such as heavy compound movements that are difficult to master and really difficult to perform Not going to feel

Best Rep Range for Building Muscle

hi this is rather confetti lift if you’re following one of the key nobody programs or then you order the time-tested master building program you probably already know that the medium rep ranges are the best for building muscle but I thought you’d like to know why that’s why I’m making this video in this

How Does Protein Build Muscle?

Alright viewers it’s time to hit the gym. And if you’re trying to bulk up, you know you need protein to help build muscle. But how does that work? How much protein do you need? How much is too much? Ahhh it’s all so confusing! First things first, there’s three different types of muscles; skeletal,