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⚽ Effective Conditioning,Warm-up and Fitness Drills for Soccer/ Football Players – Movement Preps

Let’s now focus onto the dynamic warm-up. Spvgg. Unterhaching represents modern football, warming up should be as modern as well. The exercises are called “Movement Preps”, which prepare us for the actual game itself. That’s why we here don’t want to use static but dynamic motions to raise our body temperature, as well as to

The Army’s New Fitness Test

Our next question comes from Dave and it says a former SF guy. Now in my world that means it could be a former San Francisco guy or a former special-forces guy. Let’s just go with the idea that I think he might be special forces. And we’ve talked about this before Kevin and I.

The BEST Alcoholic Drinks While Dieting

Picture this – Friday night, you just finished dinner, capping out your calories and fitting all your macros in for the day. Satisfied with the immense willpower you showed throughout the week in maintaining your diet, you sit on the couch and prepare to go on a TV marathon binge, but before you can get

Club Pilates Brand Manifesto

Do Pilates to move better. To bend without breaking. To grow through changes and adjust easily to whatever direction life goes. Do Pilates to feel better. To stand tall with confidence. To create space for mental clarity and confidence. Do Pilates to live better. To shine with gratitude and empowerment. To get more out of

Learning To Deadlift with Buckingham Fitness

What’s up, team! If you are struggling with your deadlifts Check out this landmine setup. Feet a little bit wider than shoulder width, hinging back. Fingers interlocked (so you don’t have to worry about grip) Check the movement – hinging back, driving through the hips, and strong core Notice how I sit my hips back?