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Respiration Training Part 3: Advanced Breath Control

Today we’re going to take another look at advanced versions of respiration training to improve performance. In last week’s video we talked about three different base level respiration training drills focusing on what we call pursed lipped or straw breathing. We talked about doing those in the seated position and then doing walking and then


Hi Friends, this is Amit, your MMA strength training & conditioning coach. When you come across someone who has a strong and muscular physique, what’s your first reaction? Most people would go “wow,” and commend the person’s physique. Some people have a strange and false perception that perhaps muscular guys aren’t very intelligent. That’s a

Strength Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

Hi, I’m Tim. And I’m Claire and we’re with Healthy Duke. We’re here to show you some strength exercises you can do anywhere. For the push-up, place yourself into a plank with wide shoulders. Lower your chest to the ground slowly. Inhale as you go down. Exhale as you go up. To modify the push-up,

ReBUILD™ – Post Workout Recovery Shake

(energetic rock music) – All right, you come to the gym to build muscle, burn fat, and look good. But muscle-building doesn’t happen in the gym. It happens with your post-workout nutrition and recovery. That’s why post-workout nutrition is vital to your recovery and muscle-building. Now, if training and recovery are important to you then

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