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Kamloops Diogenes Fitness Club

The average individual spends several hours a week online. This time could be better invested in a productive manner such as playing an instrument or learning a second language. Technologies such as social media can result in a shorter attention span and an increase in depression, insomnia and memory issues In this degenerate society the

Functional Fitness Training Exercises for Beginners : Russian Twist Functional Fitness Exercise

Hello my name is Carey Kepler and I’m a functional training coach. If you want to improve the quality of your life, improve your athletic ability or have a question about the following exercise you can contact me at http://www.boundless-energy.com. This next exercise is called the Russian twist – it works core strength, flexibility and

Science Behind The Suffering | Fitness Testing At The Sufferfest High Performance Lab

– [Simon] No doubt, you will remember Dan Lloyd’s incredible transformation last winter from middle-aged beer-drinking part-time cyclist, to middle-aged beer-drinking part-time cyclist who was actually pretty darn fit on just four hours riding per week for 10 weeks. He saw a 15% improvement in three out of the four power dimensions. And his training