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Hi sportsmen, I hope you are in good shape !? Many of you have asked me to make a video about slalom spins. So let’s go ! As I explained in the video “Moves in kayak slalom” : spin means turning the boat in the opposite direction of the natural bend between the gates. To

Top 10: Best Exercise Bikes of 2019 / Best Spin Cycling Bikes for Fast Weight Loss / Home & Office

now you can bring better health into your life by bringing swing Fitness into your home introducing the new Schwinn 170 upright bike it blends an intuitive design with user-friendly technology to make your cardio workout smarter smoother and more enjoyable the new 170 makes your workout smarter thanks to a sleek new console that’s

Cycle | LA Fitness Club Tour

If you like the group workout format, then you should try one of our Cycle Classes, where in a one-hour session you can ride up to fifteen to twenty miles! This class is great for HIIT or high-intensity interval training where you alternate between short rest breaks and going full speed. Now if that sounds

Home Spin Class Workout App

By following these fantastic home spin class workout videos at home or in the gym you will get great results! It features over two hours of spinning classes from five minutes to 30 minutes in length. This great series of home spin class workouts will burn a huge number of calories, and is a fantastic