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Cobra Gold 2017 Exercise Video

The enduring alliance between Thailand and the United States remains strong, as indicated by all of us being here today to kick off Cobra Gold. This year marks the 36th iteration of Cobra Gold, the largest theater security cooperation exercise in Asia. The United States has only five bilateral defense treaty allies in the world

Army Combat Fitness Test Q&A

[MUSIC PLAYING] Well, good afternoon. And welcome to the US Army’s Facebook Live. From the Pentagon, I’m Hank Minitrez of the Army G-1’s Office. And our topic this afternoon is the Army combat fitness test, or the ACFT. It’s a combination of a result of years of research in the Army’s efforts to optimize holistic

Functional Fitness

My desire for fitness actually came from my family. My wife has a fitness background, she’s training to be a personal trainer, and that actually motivated me to do a TRX certification here. Our number one job is Soldier first. You have to be ready to do whatever it takes at the moment that everything’s