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Researchers Reverse Signs Of Aging In Mice

A research team at the University of New South Wales claims to have found a way to reverse some of the symptoms of aging in mice. The study focuses on mitochondrial dysfunction, the breakdown of a cell’s energy-producing structures. Researchers traced the cause of this breakdown to a communication pathway with the cell’s nucleus, which

Weight loss and regain in relation to diabetes and cardiovascular disease mortality: Cuba 1980-2010

Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes are currently two of the most important diseases worldwide But population science has given us the tools to combat these epidemics – with control of the major risk factors for both diseases – Unhealthy Diet, Physical Inactivity, and its Overweight/Obesity – we can greatly reduce the disease burden. Therefore it is

Weight Loss Pills: Fact Or Fiction?

I’m going to guess that you’ve been on the internet before, and thus you’ve seen plenty of ads for treatments that supposedly help you lose weight, “using one weird trick.” Or you might have seen recent news about research claiming to have discovered what’s been described as “exercise in a pill.” Sign me up! If