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How Far is Too Far? | The Age of A.I.

Welcome to YouTube Original Stages, once home to Howard Hughes’s Spruce Goose assembly hangar, and home to much of the firstIron Man,filmed 12 years ago. Many happy memories here. And speaking of taking a look back… Technology. It’s advancing faster and taking less time to be widely adopted than ever before, like as in it

Should You Bungee Jump?

so there’s this phenomenon known as high-place phenomenon and it’s this terrifying feeling this sense that some people have as they get near the edge of a cliff face or the railing of a tall building and it’s not exactly a fear of heights but maybe something that’s all a bit more concerning it’s the

Tips That Make Portion Control Easier

Your stomach is only about the size of a loosely clenched fist, and so thinking about how much we can put into that stomach and how much we should put into that stomach, so slowing down a little bit, taking time to savor our meals, is really part of what’s important to portion control. very

Why Success Isn’t All or Nothing…

Eating perfectly, and eating perfectly clean, I really equate to doing a road trip from Toronto to Florida. So I’m on this road trip. I make a wrong turn at South Carolina, and I figure, well, I’ve blown it – I’ve totally blown it, so I might as well turn around the car, go back

How My Attitude About Diets Has Changed

My attitude about dieting and weight has changed over the years because I know that dieting is short-term, it does not manage to keep the weight off in the long-term. What would I say to somebody who’s on their fourth diet and feeling like a failure is: that they’re not failing. It’s hard. Being on