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Latin Heat at LA Fitness

[music builds] I’ve been taking Latin here for about three years now and I love this class. It’s so much fun. The beats, the music, I get a full body workout. You burn a lot of calories in less than an hour. You’re able to participate and move your body and do some cha-cha-cha’s and

Sony CES 2014 Product Reveals

Gritty Urban Saga want to get on here and talk about Sony’s conference they had a sony had a 3c yes comments today CES the Consumer Electronic Show it’s happening this year between January 7th and 10 and that’s why report on a few things that sony has announced not all the fixed and of

Meal Replacement | 18 Shake Review

hey guys welcome to my channel um if you haven’t subscribed go ahead and subscribe to my channel it’s a fun channel if you don’t subscribe I still love you so today I want to review this shake have y’all ever heard of this xviii shake it’s kind of expensive actually it’s like I think