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Review: The Thai Massage Experience

Hi I’m Kyla from tujawellness.com sorry if I seem a little blissed out but I’m getting a traditional Thai massage as we speak this is Austin from Smile Thai Wellness in Vancouver and he’s my therapist today Austin what is a traditional Thai massage Thai massage is a holistic therapy that combines acupressure massage along

Tapping for Weight Loss

Tapping has helped me to get rid of that ‘dark night of the soul’ kind of feeling. I lived with a wonderful woman named Gale for a couple years. She was a type 1 diabetic. She started getting sicker and sicker and she eventually passed away. 6 months after my roommate passed away, my mother


Hey everyone this is PRIME Fitness and I’m Taofique Folarin. Today’s workout we’re gonna bring the tempo down just a little bit we’re gonna be focusing on mobility and flexibility. The body is such an amazing thing which we’ve all been gifted with but sometimes we abuse it and we take it for granted so