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Basketball | LA Fitness Club Tour

Our full length basketball courts are open for free play every day and can also double as a volleyball court. Want to play or practice but left your ball at home? Don’t worry, we provide basketballs and volleyballs for you, just in case. Now if you’re looking for something a little more organized than just

Stretching Area | LA Fitness Club Tour

Many of our clubs have an area designated for stretching and body weight exercises. And you might ask, “Why do have an area just for stretching?” Well, because it’s that important. Stretching for just 10 to 15 minutes after your workout is going to help lengthen the muscle fibers that you broke down during your

Cycle | LA Fitness Club Tour

If you like the group workout format, then you should try one of our Cycle Classes, where in a one-hour session you can ride up to fifteen to twenty miles! This class is great for HIIT or high-intensity interval training where you alternate between short rest breaks and going full speed. Now if that sounds