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Boys Love Yoga! — Yoga Couple Challenge

Jakub: We are about to do the— Vitalii: We are doing the Yoga Couple Challenge today! Originally, we planned to record— We planned to record “Talking Russian to my boyfriend for 24 hours” But Jakub destroyed it all. That’s why we are going to record the Yoga Challenge! Vitalii: I want to do this pose.

Shorely Pink | Pink Panther and Pals

(Pink Panther theme plays) ♪ ♪ (muttering) (smooching) OH! (car alarm blaring) (grunting) HEH HEH. HEH HEH HEH HEH. HMM. (crashing noise) HMM? HMM! HEH HEH. HMM? HUH? doink doink! GRRRR! HMM. HMM? (popping noise) HMM? HMM? HA HA HA HA HA HA! HMM? HMM… (muttering) HEH HEH HEH. HUH? (muttering) HMM? GRRRR! AH! HEH

ENG] IND] [몰카] 헬스장 몰카3ㅋㅋㅋ마지막으로 나타난 약빨은 회원ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ – [동네놈들]

Neighbors (team name) (waiting for next target) (target spotted!) (It’s showtime, Jae-Hyung) (First target) Excuse me What kind of work out are you doing? Lats -Lats?? (Weirdos… Lol) -You can kill lat with that shit? -No way. It’s a bone-vibrating workout. (A bone-vibrating workout?!?!) – Did you say bone-vibrating workout? -Yes, bone-vibrating workout. -I heard

OLD MAN BREAKDANCE PRANK!!! ft. D-TRIX | Prank Academy | Episode 6

(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING) (GRUNTS) …hole. (LAUGHS) JESSE: I hate you. Look at your shirt. That’s disgusting. I’m Jesse. I’m Jeana. You’ve seen us prank each other onPrankvsPrank.And now we’re teaching our friends how to prank. This is… (JESSE READING) JEANA:Hey, guys, we’re in Los Angeles,walking the streets of Hollywood.And today’s prankster is my boy D-Trix,