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The MASSIVE ARMS home workout

Mike Chang: ¡Que tal amigos! Soy Mike Chang, de SixPack Shortcuts. Vamos a hacer un ejercicio que todos pueden hacer en casa. Hoy vamos a trabajar en nuestros bíceps y tríceps. Así que vamos a hacer seis ejercicios en total; tres ejercicios para sus bíceps, y tres ejercicios para sus tríceps. Pero la manera en

P90X Weight Gain

Hey guys! It’s Dave. I want to take a second and address an issue that has been coming up a lot lately. Not too long ago, I wrote this post about P90X and weight gain, and I seem to be getting this question a lot. So, I wanted to sort of explain what’s going on.

How Healthy is the Shakeology Shake?

hi i’m karen i’m an independent beach body coach today i want to talk to you about my favorite smell replacement shake and read every day and i have since two thousand and ten if the healthiest mail today resent chicago t you’re watching this video then you r_d_a_’s leaderless shakeology you come to the