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Mom Shares How She Lost 113 Pounds

amazing sexy, Man alive In my opinion well Derek what what do you want to say or [what] can you tell [us] about your wife? She’s amazing. She’s worked very hard This [has] [definitely] been a huge journey and huge transformation as you guys can see and I’m just super proud of her everything she’s

80lb Obese Dog Wins Weight Loss Battle

00:11 COMM: Just one year ago Bolinha the stray dog was dangerously overweight. But just twelve months later thanks to the intervention of BRazilian animal charities and vets, he has shed the pounds and has been given a whole new lease of life. 00:27 COMM: Bolinha was a stray mongrel sleeping outside a snack bar

Lose Some Weight

(lively music) – That’s what I’m trying to do. (lively music) – My god. – [Driver] Fat ass! (rock music) – Hey girl. – Hey. – Hi Lily, salad again? – In reality yes, but in my mind I’m enjoying a large stuffed crust cheese pizza with a lot of leaves on it so. (laughing)