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Why Success Isn’t All or Nothing…

Eating perfectly, and eating perfectly clean, I really equate to doing a road trip from Toronto to Florida. So I’m on this road trip. I make a wrong turn at South Carolina, and I figure, well, I’ve blown it – I’ve totally blown it, so I might as well turn around the car, go back

How My Attitude About Diets Has Changed

My attitude about dieting and weight has changed over the years because I know that dieting is short-term, it does not manage to keep the weight off in the long-term. What would I say to somebody who’s on their fourth diet and feeling like a failure is: that they’re not failing. It’s hard. Being on

How Dieting Changes Your Body…

Now the way our bodies work is once you put on weight, your body is going to try to defend that weight. And there are basically three strategies that your body has to try to defend its body weight. The first one is when you try to lose weight, you get hungry. The longer you