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3 reasons you aren’t losing weight

Did you know that there are three universal things that could potentially be hindering your ability to achieve optimal health, especially if weight loss is one of your goals. Hey guys, I’m Serein Wu certified health coach and nutritionist through Precision Nutrition and my husband Chris Ledford, certified personal trainer through NASM, created this channel

ReBUILD鈩 – How Do I Take It?

– Here’s some commonly asked questions we get about Titan Nutrition’s ReBUILD. Question number one: how much should I take? A full serving of ReBUILD consists of two heaping scoops. Question number two: when should I take it? We recommend taking ReBUILD to the gym with you, so you can take it immediately following a

ReBUILD鈩 鈥 Post Workout Recovery Shake

(energetic rock music) – All right, you come to the gym to build muscle, burn fat, and look good. But muscle-building doesn’t happen in the gym. It happens with your post-workout nutrition and recovery. That’s why post-workout nutrition is vital to your recovery and muscle-building. Now, if training and recovery are important to you then