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Welcome to Isagenix – DAY 10

[Music] Hey! Hope you’re doing great today! Drinking your shakes, staying young, feeling great. We have so many great things going on, and uh, we hope you’re, at this point, plugged in, you’re getting value out of the daily emails, uh, the daily, uh, inspiration, and there’s a lot to um, devour. And don’t get

Live Your Life Out Loud

My first tip. Authentic digital marketing. People will see right through you if you are not being authentic to who you are. Yes because you can’t be Eric. You can’t be Laura. You can’t be all of these other leaders that you are seeing today. You have to be the best version of you and

The End Is Not The End

65% of people who are requesting information like Kierston talked about. There in your Facebook groups. They said, “Oh that sounds interesting.” 65% of them are not going to purchase for at least three months. That’s a real stat and 20% of them are going to take 12 months or more. We talked about the

Beach Yoga and Network Marketing

[Music] Hey there, it’s uh, Drew Berman from drewberman.com – you ever wonder why people are having, uh, such great success, and other are not? Well, here’s uh, here’s a couple tips from the beach in Cape Cod. I just got back from, uh, Isagenix Celebration, and we don’t call it convention, we call it

Welcome to Isagenix – DAY 8

[Music] Hello, hello, hello! Just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing today. Today’s uh, about mindset and focus and thoughts. You know we have all the tools for you to be successful at Isagenix, whether you’re looking for a healthy body, healthy wallet – we have a joke that says, uh, skinny