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Lifespan Fitness ROWER-800 Water Rowing Machine

The Lifespan Fitness Rower-800 is a commercial water resistance rowing machine that will give you the ultimate on-water rowing experience. The water resistance system is smooth, natural and progressive. Feel resistance increase continuously, in line with the power of your strokes. The harder you row, the more resistance you’ll feel. You won’t need to worry

How to Get Rid of Vertigo Naturally

Hi. I’m Jordan Rubin and welcome to “Ancient Medicine Today,” brought to you by draxe.com. Today, we’re going to tackle a subject that is important to so many people, how to get rid of vertigo. Vertigo is really an imbalance where you are not able to find your center of mass. That’s the definition. Vertigo

“Sow, Nourish, Reap” – Ann Dahm

None of this was here. This was a farmer’s field. This is kind of like the burial ground for his farm animals. I have just always loved animals. I grew up with parents that were always opening their door, not just to people, but all of God’s creatures, great and small. So everybody here is