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“We Are America’s Best Looking Couple”

BUCK: Without a doubt, I would definitely say we are America’s best looking couple, for a fact, hands down. COMM: For Buck and Michelle Miller, fitness is their business and the personal trainers and competitive body builders certainly don’t lack confidence. BUCK: If there was a competition for the world’s best looking couple I would

Male Body Image: The Naked Truth

I have people message me on Instagram, saying, “You’re really slim. I like your hair. “The only problem is, I’d break you.” I’m walking on the beach. Everyone’s just turning, looking at me, like, “Ah.” I’m not even big. I starve myself… Wow. ..which I have to do, to help my body to eat itself.

What’s it Like to be a Bodybuilder?

Working out, playing sports, or just being active in general is something that benefits everyone. There’s long and short term health effects like losing weight, keeping your blood pressure in check, and strengthening your bones. It’s good for your mental health too and can elevate your mood and help you sleep. But for a lot