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Body Beast Review and Tips Day 2

Good morning friends and workout buddies! Today is Body beast review and tips day #2 and it is going to be build legs. Leg day oh yeah I am getting more positive about that. There are actually nine exercises for this workout for today. I’ve been asked many times, where’s your wife? She’s working out

Beachbody mlm review

hello guys tommy was on here with a 23 in my play video challenge and this is my beachbody MLM 3 review so what is Beachbody well it amblin company dopers two solutions to people that want to get fit and keep in shape living a healthier lifestyle and Beachbody has over 30 products to

Insanity Max 30 Review Day 21

Good morning friends and workout buddies! Today is insanity Max 30 review day 21, and Shaun T and Beachbody are throwing a curve in this workout now. On Mondays it used to be called cardio challenge not anymore today it’s called maxed out power. I have no idea what I’m in for I have not

What is a beachbody coach?

hideout on me was on here so what is a Beachbody Coach and maybe you’ve heard of the Beachbody Coaches but you’re not really sure what it is what is a Beachbody Coach then great then I will explain that in this video what is a Beachbody Coach well there’s this MLM company called Beachbody