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2 Minute Bikini Body Workout

Healthy lifestyle expert and author Danette May is here to tell us the truth We also have the fitness trainer Danette May here Hi Danette May here with DanetteMay.com. I wanna show you a bikini body workout you can do with just the bench at the park. Get outside it’s springtime and it’s time to

Insanity Max 30 Review Day 34

Good Thursday morning to you all! Today is Insanity Max 30 review day 34, max out strength. Last week I maxed out at 00:07:52. Here we go let’s see what happens today! Ahhh, that’s it! 8 minutes maxed out! Modify. Like Shaun T says, no excuses. Get off the couch! Order your insanity Max 30.

Join a Challenge Group & Get RESULTS!

VO: What’s better than accomplishing a personal health goal? Joining a group of friends who motivate and celebrate your CHALLENGE to create a healthier and better you. Testimony: You have to join a challenge group! Testimony: This type if group allows me to be with my friends and still have my kids with me and